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A brain cancer diagnosis can send families into an overwhelming world of unknowns including the possibility of multiple surgeries, challenging treatments and tough rehabilitations. Brain cancer is a uniquely challenging disease that is in need of critical attention, including extreme steps taken to raise focused research funding. When it comes to our fundraising efforts, we recognize how important it is to take the fight against brain cancer to new heights… 365 ft to be exact.

On October 31st and November 1st, 2014, we went Over the Edge for Brain Cancer for the second year and raised over $215,000 to support San Diego-based brain cancer research (for more information about previously funded research, please click here). Thank you to all of our incredible edgers, sponsors, partners and supporters who helped us beat our 2014 fundraising goal!

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SAVE THE DATE! In 2015, our fight against brain cancer continues. We are excited to announce that we will again be going Over the Edge for Brain Cancer on October 16th and October 17th, 2015. Whether you rappelled with us the last two years or are new to the event, we hope you will join us in this incredible opportunity to rappel down the side of the Grand Hyatt San Diego – the tallest waterfront building on the West Coast. Please ensure you join our contact list and receive communication regarding registration and special announcements about 2015 participation.

There are no experience requirements to go over the edge -- all that’s needed is the desire to make a difference in the fight against brain cancer…and a touch of bravery. There are a limited number of slots available, so be sure to claim yours and join me as we Go Over the Edge for Brain Cancer!

Thank you for your support
and I’ll see you on the edge!

Max Wallace

CEO, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure

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PS – Heights not your thing? Don’t worry there are plenty of ways to get involved! Support one of our “edgers” as they work to meet their fundraising goal, sign up as an on-site volunteer or join our “chicken coop” and support the event from the ground. has selected Over the Edge for Brain Cancer as an Editor’s Choice recipient. Please check out their special coverage of our event here:


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